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Ryan Scott Thomas spent over twenty years working as a police officer. During that time serving the community he started to pursue the one and only dream he ever had, to be an actor. Ryan believes that empathy is key to being a good actor and a good cop. “If you can’t put yourself in someone else’s shoes, and find some compassion in there, you have no business doing either job.” Within two weeks of retiring from the police department Ryan was living in New York, attending acting classes, networking, and pursuing his passion.

Since Ryan arrived in New York he has worked on films, and several TV shows; including Blue Bloods, and an upcoming Amazon series where he had the honor of sharing the screen with one of his heroes, Al Pacino.

Ryan can be seen in several feature films, most notably, President’s Day,  Terrortory,  V/H/S/2, and Purpose. For his role in the horror-comedy Witch’s Brew, Ryan won a Best Supporting Actor award from the Horror Quest Film Festival; where it was said, “Ryan Thomas really seemed to be an audience favorite. Spitting out witty zingers and bad-ass glances like Bruce Willis, he steals the show in Witch's Brew.




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